TL;DR Rules:
Do not RDM.
RDM does not apply to Tribal classes.
Combine and Resistance must kill eachother on sight.
Do not abuse props.
Do not attempt to crash or harm the server.
Do not harass other people.
Do not put NSFW content in public spaces.
Do not restrict friendly NPC usage.
Do not cheat, in any way or form.
Do not raid a base that has a “Building” sign on it.
Bases with a “Building” sign on them may not have any entities of monetary worth inside.
Bases may have up to 5 doors to get into the base.
If you can damage a raider, the raider must be able to damage you with weapons that Civilians can buy from the F4 menu.
Raiding does not need to be advertised.
Have fun and do not ruin other peoples’ fun!
Getting Started:
F4 will open the main menu! In this, you can change jobs, bind spells, buy weapons and shipments, and browse through useful commands!
The quickest ways to make money are PvP and boss hunting. Less intensive methods include farming water, making meth, and scavenging.


Combine, Resistance, and Tribals get money for killing eachother!

Water Pumps are a more active way to make money while basing, but you need to time the market right!

Hobos and Tribals make more money for each zombie kill, but are at a higher risk while hunting.

Killing bosses can net you some quick cash.

Certain high-level jobs can cost money per minute played.

Raiding the Combine Armory has a lot of requirements, but can net some amazing rewards...

Campfires can keep the zombies away!


Society has fallen. Not by a nuclear war, nor by some unknown disease, or by a new predator, but by magic. The magic that people scorned has destroyed everything... An insane necromancer has raised an unending army of undead, summoned creatures from other dimensions, and created widespread, easy-to-use spells to allow humans a chance to fight back. Here, in the abandoned city of Pripyat, is the epicenter of the disaster. Governments from around the world keep attempting to erase it, but the area has been protected by a seemingly invincible barrier. Many people enter the danger zone to attempt to find answers, but none leave. Can you figure out how to survive The Fall?

How to unlock free VIP:

Level up! All that's needed to unlock everything donators get is leveling up! The best ways to level include killing zombies, boss hunting, using spells, scavenging, and simply being on the server! You get new upgrades at levels: 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, and at max level. Almost all donator stuff will be unlocked by level 200!