Welcome to E.N.D. Gaming Combat DarkRP!

We're a completely custom DarkRP that encourages killing eachother, as long as you're the right class to do so.

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What do we offer?

We offer a free form magic system, a custom hit system, team deathmatch with three different sides, multiple weapon packs, many different building tools, meth, guilds, parties, Pointshop 2, PAC 3, cars, and loads more custom content. If you don't want to partake in the slaughter, you can scavenge, base, farm meth, moneyprint, build, parkour, and more. We are also open to suggestions if improvements are desired!

What is E.N.D. Gaming?

E.N.D. Gaming is a multi game server network started out of disgust of server staff corruption everywhere else. We pledge to keep bias out of moderation, to keep our admins from abusing, and to keep the game fair for the players that do not want to pay.
If you have any problems here, you can take it directly to the owner (JoDa) and he will help you resolve your issue!

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